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On Making Business Decisions, Age, and Art

At some point, I have to make a decision.

Will I focus on the belly dance side of my business or on the homeschooling literature, sword, leather working side?

One doesn't exclude the other, but I have to make a decision short-term for focus. I can't simultaneously focus on two businesses and adequately grow both.

And I love both!

Given my age, I'm going for dance in 2022 (while keeping a schedule for the other going but without the emphasis YET).

I've created a strong leather working outline for the year and have a bare-bones promotional campaign in mind.

As long as the leather working pays for itself, I'm satisfied with this until 2023.

My long-term goal is to have a true co-op/academy with history/literature/leather working/HEMA/HAMA (Historical African Martial Arts), but that needs to grow a little more organically.

Plus, I'm working on an idea that will enable my body and mind to stay strong enough to continue crafting into my dotage (a word I love).

D.A.Y. Makers is opening in 2022.

I've been working on this idea for years--how to fit movement and making into a class.

The problem is that I'm not great at art. I'm not bad, but I'm not trained, so I don't have a system to teach or a distinct style or (really) a desire to be a teacher in art.

Also videography and lighting still elude me!

Enter D.A.Y. Maker: Dance, Art, and Yoga.

I know the term "Day Maker" isn't new, but it reminds me of my uncle who called a mirror his day maker, and his boisterous, unapologetic self-confidence.

Add to it the play on art--makers, and I'm satisfied literarily and literally.

My first online session (which I haven't pushed: that darn videography) is Saturday, but the one I'm truly excited for happens locally December 8.

We'll start with 10 minutes of belly dance followed by 40 minutes of creation/reading/coloring and ending with 10 minutes of yoga.

Here's my why: I feel deeply for the artistic and writing communities.

I understand the passion and the hours of creation that can happen, but I also know the toll that takes on the body.

I also know how hard it can be to "take time to exercise" when the muse hits. Exercise seems like such a chore! And then to stretch after arting--ugh. I'd rather sleep.\

The goal of this container is to introduce artists to creative movement and stretch with the emphasis staying on the painting/drawing/crocheting/etc.

The guided part is to give a sense of structure so that all parts of self-care are included with the hope that the structure starts to become a part of their lives in other ways.

This also gives me a sense of accountability. When I get antsy to make but unfocused, that ten minutes of dance puts me in the mood and mindset to create, and a good stretch lets me move back into the real world of dinners and cleaning fluids and bill paying with a little less stress.

So here's to decisions and a strong belief that Providence guides and provides!

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