My Tribe


"I hear, and I forget.

I see, and I remember.

I do, and I understand." 

Bright Eyes Arts is a world of learning through action! 

I have created this place for the readers and the makers; the dreamers AND doers; the poets who love words and color and dance.

This isn't a place for those who are "just getting it done" or are demanding "give me a curriculum to follow" or who want a "real" literature class and not just a bunch of art. 

This is for those who see that everything is connected to everything else and want to feel the thrill of making connections and new creations.

Through Bright Eyes Arts, I offer online and in-person literature classes that combine beautiful literature with theatre, graphic design, mask making, dance, and more in a scaffolded, cohesive sequence that is designed to help teens (and parents!) love classic literature while discovering new modes of art.  

Join me as we explore, learn, and create!


My Story

I'm Amy Bright, your teens' guide into world of literature, art, and imagination!

I've had the privilege of teaching in almost every educational setting out there: private schools, magnet schools, charters, homeschool co-ops, TESL camps, community colleges, adult education classes, tutoring services, online schools, and teaching artist workshops.

In addition to teaching literature in every one of these formal settings, I've also taught jewelry making, dance, culture classes, art, theatre, creative writing, and journalism through my own business, as a guest instructor, or on the job (I'll be adding the roles of "self-defense instructor" and "Master Gardener/herbologist" in the upcoming year!). 

Now I'm taking all of these various, lovely threads and weaving them into a series of fun, delightful, yet deep online and in-person classes for homeschooled teens.