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Sheaths and more

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Leather Workshop

How It Works

The process

1. Contact me with your idea. I'll determine if it fits my skill set and availability.

2. If you want a sheath, I will need the following:

  • A to-scale outline of the piece (please scan and email to

  • Specifications of dye color, thread color, and any hardware you want included.

  • Orientation of the handle (draw side, length of the handle strap, etc.)

  • Tooling designs or ideas

3. Half up-front to purchase materials. This is non-refundable. The second half is due upon completion of the item. I will keep you updated on the process!



4. If the piece doesn't fit, I will replace it.  

Leather Working Tools
Image by Yaroslav Кorshikov

Shorter pieces (up to 13")

Simple sheath: $75

Tooled: Starts at $125




Medium pieces (14-21")

Simple Sheath: $125

Tooled: starts at $275





Contact me for other ideas. I will tell you if it's in my skillset and time frame.



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