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Sheaths (and more)

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Leather Workshop

How It Works

The process

If this list is overwhelming, click HERE for the Google doc order form with a different layout.

1. Determine style of sheath (all include a welt). Let me know if you want a right or left hand draw.

Due to the material cost and time, I'm not doing discounts on multiple orders. 

Shipping costs will be added to the final total. I will use the least expensive means with insurance and a tracking number. I'm still looking for a cost effective shipping box due to the shape.

2. Determine style of strap (if you want one)

  • Plain strap (I'm using guitar slings): $25 (at cost) 

  • Tooled strap: $40

3. Send me designs you want OR I can decide. I will let you know if the designs will work on these sheaths.

4. Determine color. 

5. Choose thread: Dark or contrast (usually off white)

6. Half up-front to purchase materials. This is non-refundable. The second half is due upon completion of the item. I will keep you updated on the process!

I can do 3/month. If I have to put in an order for any materials I don't know, that will add a week to get. 


In September, I won't work on commissions from September 1-17 due to organizing a local Renaissance Faire.

7. If I get sick or something similar comes up, I will let you know immediately. 

8. Pay half

Zelle: (my legal name is Lora Bright which is what will pop up on Zelle)

Venmo: @Amy-Bright-10



Leather Working Tools

4-5 oz tan

Plain: $200

Stamped or rivets: $230

Chrome: $250+ 




Medium pieces (8oz)


Includes welt




Thick (10oz)

10 oz is armor grade material and can be expensive if not on sale. I need at least two ordered for this thickness.  




1. What is veg tanned leather:

This is leather that has been tanned using bark or other vegetation with tannins. 

Veg-tanned can be carved and tooled.

2. What is chrome tanned leather?

This is leather tanned with chromium salts. It cannot be tooled, but it comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. 

3. What is carving/tooling?

Using a swivel knife and stamps to created a raised design in the leather.

4. What does "4 oz" mean?

Ounce here refers to thickness. 


8oz=3.2 mm


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