Do you daydream about creating more art but find yourself


+Too busy to take the time to practice?


+Torn between keeping up with your health and your art?


+Unmotivated to exercise OR art as soon as you're home and ready to rest?


Go from daydreamer to D.A.Y. Maker in a 60 minute class dedicated to helping you move and create!


D.A.Y. Maker is an hour long session comprised of Dance, Art, and Yoga.


In the first 10 minutes, I'll lead you through a high-energy belly dance segment to get the blood flowing and your mind focused.


For 40 minutes, you'll have the opportunity to draw, paint, sew, knit, or otherwise create art (bring your own supplies, or play with some of mine).


We'll close the hour with yoga--a 10 minute stretch to get the kinks out of your body after you've crafted steadily.


Join me and see how the combination of movement and making can inspire your art!


D.A.Y. Maker