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What am I Doing? The 2021 Edition

What am I doing?

Accidentally-on-purpose-Providentially following my dreams

Toward the end of 2020, the manager of The Spinning Jenny (Sharon) approached me about being part of a new non-profit that would connect the arts and the community.

My passion for the arts and education made me the perfect fit, and I said yes immediately.

I was burnt out on the educational system, and, frankly, I have always hated the feeling of being cooped up in a classroom all day every day. I like planning and teaching and doing, but I hate the rest of it.

But the lure of the consistent income and (bad) health insurance is strong, and responsibility is real! Also, every past attempt at quitting and getting another job or pursuing self-employment failed. Miserably.

This time felt different, and I fully believed I was supposed to be homeschooling my son myself and being more home-oriented. Plus, I had been building business during my time teaching--belly dance classes, art classes, camps, workshops.

None of them was great, but I knew that I could make them great given the time.

And that's what I've been given.

As myself, I'm an artist, imperfect Christian, and eternal optimist.

My identity plays out in various roles:

  1. Mother and currently homeschooling (no one else will teach him Old Norse)

  2. Artist: Leather working, watercolor, and various handsy crafts

  1. Leather working classes

  2. Brain tanning and buckskin sewing classes

  3. Summer literature classes

  4. Belly dance

  5. Dance fitness

  6. Yoga

4. Educational Director for Round Table Community. Our first big event was the Upstate Renaissance Faire, but we are working on monthly classes and more.

I'm great at some things (the teaching), mediocre at others (email marketing), and truly horrific in a few areas (bookkeeping).

I'm loving the flexibility, though, and the freedom to create in collaboration with forward-thinking people.

Wish me fair sailing, and I will do the same for you!

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