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Are you searching for ways to be more graceful, confident, and expressive?

Learn to Belly Dance!
Join me for belly dance classes in Historic Greer Station in Greer, SC.


November/December 2023

Mondays                                   Tuesdays                                  Wednesdays

6:10 pm Shimmies  6:10pm Beginning Belly Dance        6:10 pm Sword Choreography

7pm Veil                                                                     7pm "Enter Sandman" Rehearsals

8pm "Deck the Halls"                                                   

Movement doesn't have to be a chore on your to-do list.
Start on a dance journey filled with growth,
purpose, and delight.


Enter a world of beauty, dance, and fun!


Continue your belly dance adventure through mesmerizing techniques.


Create muscle memory, improve coordination, and develop gracefulness.


Pay $75/monthly and get access to all dance and upcoming yoga classes.

Image by Elesban Landero Berriozábal

"Belly Dance Drills"

Try out a belly dance combo today!

My Five Favorite Belly Dance Props!

Did you know belly dancers work with props?

Find out which one is  your favorite!

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