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Beginning Dance Package!


Become the belly dancer  you envision by entering the Bright Eyes Belly Dance Academy Beginning Dance Program.


This subscription entitles you to all T/Th/Sat dance classes at Bright Eyes Belly Dance Academy, $15 workshops for any workshop run by Amy Bright, $5-10 off guest workshops, and the opportunity to audition for smaller event performances after six months of consistent dance classes. 


What does this look like?


6:10 pm Beginning Belly Dance

7:00 pm Beginning Belly Dance: Drills




6:10pm Beginning Belly Dance Concepts and Combinations

First/Third Thursdays at 7pm: Elements of Choreography


Each month we'll explore new moves and concepts and prepare you to perform at the Greer Farmer's Market Butterfly Celebration in June if you are prepared and if you wish to perform.


After a year of consistent practice, you should be ready to move into the M/W Intermediate Classes. 


This is a monthly subscription that runs until you cancel. 


Please note: You are responsible for cancelling through the payment service you use (Paypal, etc.). No refunds will be issued even if classes aren't attended. 


If you can't cancel from your end, please contact me before the next payment is run, and I will cancel your subscription from my end. 



Beginning Dance Package

Price Options
Unlimited Dance
$75.00every month until canceled
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