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Five Favorite Belly Dance Props

The world of belly dance is filled with color, music, and movement.

The dance genre also has a myriad of props that create drama and excitement.

In no particular order, here are my five favorite props with demonstrations.

1. Veil

Gorgeous, flowing, and seductive, the veil is a beautiful addition to every dance (I have a post on choosing a veil if you're interested in starting your veil adventure.)

2. Wings

Similar to the veil, wings offer a slightly different movement to the silk and motion of the veil.

3. Sword

Dangerous beauty: actual danger! Sword dancing provides the challenge of balance to the dancer and intrigue for the audience. Yes, they're real swords--but balanced for dance and not sharp (except the tip. The tip is incredibly sharp).

4. Shamadan and Zills

The shamadan is frequently part of a wedding procession. This particular dance includes the finger cymbals (aka zills or zagat).

5. Cane

Influenced by Tahtib, the martial art of Egypt, cane dancing is a popular part of Saidi dance.

The martial art is usually performed with rhythmic drumming as seen in the demonstration at a Paris martial arts festival.

Here are two dance versions: Tito's ever-dynamic performance and a troupe choreography with the curved stick.

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