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Choosing a Belly Dance Veil

The luxury and flow of a veil mesmerizes the watcher and the dancer.

Since the 20th century, veils have been a staple in a belly dancer's wardrobe.

The silken beauty is often paired with zills or a second veil to create contrast and movement.

Once you've decided to buy one, though, you're going to be amazed by the choices!

When you're buying a veil you want to consider material, shape, color, and size. The first is material which includes silk, chiffon, and Georgette crepe. Each of these has its own flow and feel. I recommend having one of each eventually and definitely trying out each before you buy. Second, consider the shape. Veils come in rectangles or semi-circles/half-circles. I prefer the

look of a semi-circle, but rectangles can be cut down to size, so if you find a larger veil you love, a rectangle will work better. Color and trimming options are infinite! In fact, you can dye your own silk veils. I like having multi-color veils that harmonize with my costume color palette, but a contrast veil in a single color provides interest too. If you get trimmed veils, realize that the trim adds weight and will change the flow of the veil. Size is the final consideration and is dependent on your height and what you prefer. The length of the veil can range from 2.5-3 yards and vary in width as well. You want to be able to stretch out the veil to your full arm span and have a few inches left over on each side. If you are interested in making your own, Shira has two excellent articles that go more in-depth on the materials and history of the veil. Semicircle article Rectangle article I will be doing a few videos over different types of veils in the Bright Eyes Belly Dance group, so join me over there by following this link.

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