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The Chatter of Love: Blogging Pandemics

Churches went online (except for a few that stayed open), and our family rested.

And chattered.

Falcon woke up at 8 and talked to me almost non-stop until 1.

I took him out to the trampoline twice and had him run laps in the new house attic when he got too wild.

He also did some leather pounding with me--to give his hands something to do!

We are staying home, but many still aren't. I'm avoiding the news--I don't panic, but the vitriol between parties and ideas are emotional stressors I refuse.

People are starting to make masks for healthcare workers. Currently, South Carolina has offered little to no guidance about how education will go. NEXT is more than equipped to handle this, but, unfortunately, the state is in charge of this particular crisis.

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