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Fallout: Blogging Pandemics

School's out through April 30.

I thought I would be more excited. I wanted more time. But the shock of it actually put me into a tiny state of agitation. I think it's the reality of the situation.

The governor also held a press conference Monday. In his thick Southern drawl, McMaster told us to use common sense but also that the police could break up crowds of 3+. He immediately went on to say that this did not apply to businesses, churches, etc. but to spontaneous crowds or the hanger-outers.

The reporters immediately asked, "Does this apply to businesses? What about the bus? What about...[insert something McMaster already caveated]."

He repeated himself; they repeated themselves; my respect for the questioning class continued to decline.

Last night (Tuesday), I found out my dad is facing a reduction in income over this, and his fear is very real. At the moment, I'm able to take over any payments needed, but, as always, health insurance is the major issue if he loses his job. [I'm not arguing for universal health care but in a reduction of bloat, jacking up prices bc of insurance, and less waste in the health care system].

I'm stepping up my online game too: belly dance and creating curriculum. I've done belly dance workouts daily since this started and my series on high school writing since Monday.

In general, the mood grows sour. Half the workforce is ready to ignore orders and get money. The other half is ready to vote the suckers out because stay-at-home isn't being enforced.

I will use this time to clean, paint, and garden. I'm also working on several major categories.

1. The Wasteland: This has been an ongoing dream--to study and create art based on T.S. Eliot's poem. I started last night with lilacs! The encompasses flowers, mixed media, types of people, art periods, OT imagery, tarot, Greek myths, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. I may have my honors curriculum done by June!

2. The Sword Manuscripts: I wanted to integrate HEMA way too early for what I actually know. This is my time to go deep into the trilogy and into the names of things and into practice. By next year, I'll have a fully developed Brit Lit curriculum from this!

3. Tolkien/Anglo-Saxon/Viking: Continuing obsession. Harp, leather, enameling, and metalwork fall under this.

4. Movement: belly dance, yoga, Indian dance, and Contemporary dance. It's all online at the moment, and I'm going to embrace the movement.

5. Prepper-life: They were right! I didn't disagree; I was just lazy. So now it's gardening, planning for spring/summer, and getting it together for when sh't actually happens. This includes hunting/fishing and taking Falcon along.

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