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Here There be Dragons!

I spent the week preparing for a spring festival (which was canceled due to spring storms!).

I planned on vending leather and promoting the summer camps.

To that end, I wanted the leather pieces to have connection to the Now world and the fantastical world.

The perfect blend? Dragon key chains!

The delightful thing about semi-mass producing these pieces (by mass produce I mean 5) is that they're quick to make, easy to modify, and turn out with a range of character.

1. Trace the pattern onto the leather, punch out holes, and stamp.

Ideally you do all three things before cutting out the pieces to avoid warping the small pieces of leather. I decided on one stamp design after cutting out the dragon, but it worked well.

2. Dye and sew the dragon

I used three different colors: medium brown gel antique, dark brown dye, and black dye.

I'm a fan of the gel antique medium brown, so that turned out to be my favorite!

After 24 hours, I sewed the key chains together.

Half of them were done at work while the students worked on a writing assignment.

I love having something to do while I'm waiting for a question.

Next I'll apply a light layer of mink oil and be on my way to some other market.

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