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Goal Setting and Belly Dance: My Goals Revealed!

In the interest of showing instead of telling, I'm going to show you my belly dance goals for Quarter 2. These will include a mix of business and technical goals. I'll revisit these each month with an update and any changes!

I'll breakdown one of the goals for you with the specific goal, baseline, and monthly plans.

Specific Goals

  1. Perform at two more area restaurants and a second Belly Dance and Brews

  2. Be hired to teach one out-of-area dagger workshop

  3. Play zills at our June Farmers' market

  4. Take three workshops

  5. Flexibility: Go to hot yoga once a week through April, 2x week in May, and 3x week in June

Breakdown of Zills Goal

Goal: Play zills at the June Farmers' Market on June 18

Baseline: Competent at basic rhythm and movement. I have three patterns that are strong, but I'm working on a new-to-me hand pattern, so I'm weak in the new way of playing.

April: Practice 30 minutes a week on my own. Spend 30 minutes a week learning from an online course.

May: Continue with the 30 minutes/30 minutes. Take a zill workshop from Jaidra. Find my song.

June: Practice song daily minimum + 30 minutes week drilling

I still have to put all of them on the calendar, but I'm excited for this quarter!

Share your goal breakdown in the comments!

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2 comentários

Martha DeMeo
Martha DeMeo
09 de abr.

I like how you set your list of goals even for Belly Dancing.


Timothy Brannan
Timothy Brannan
08 de abr.

I have a friend from Australia that does Belly Dancing. And that is about all I know about it!

It is good though to have a plan and stick with it.


Tim Brannan, The Other Side blog

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