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Busking, Community, and Pandemics

Quality, consistent busking has the potential to create community, put artists in the community and out of the museums, and build a stronger post-2020 economy.

I'm not talking about in-your-face-hustle busking, but local artists dedicated to showcasing their talents for more than exposure--for putting the arts and artists at the forefront of community life.

When I lived in Hawaii, trips to Chinatown and Waikiki were always spiced up by the local talent. While some (a lot, actually) were sketchy, the truly talented made risking the traffic worth the trip and created a name for themselves.

Other than growing my own business, I have two reasons for wanted a vibrant arts community.

  1. I believe fully in a government of and by the people that starts with the people not the systems of government. I want to be part of making an economy that sustains the arts through the choice of the people, not primarily government funding. I'm not against government funding (and I'll take it if I can get it!), but, honestly, I'd prefer to cut out the government middle-man and connect artists and patrons in an immediate, experiential way.

  2. As a Christian, I believe that seeking the prosperity of my city is a primary duty. My strengths are the arts, education, and making connections/experiences. Busking and creating a healthy busking community to bring locals and others to downtown Greer and rebuild small businesses hurt in 2020 are ways that I can be part of helping others.

I'm happy I had the chance to harp in Greer this evening and see how singers and artists are making the area thrive.

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