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Alpacas, Penguins, and Learning Experiences

My family visited a wool and fiber festival in North Carolina some months ago, and returned home in love with alpacas!

Since then, we've plotted to buy an alpaca, then two (they need buddies!), and then three (because why not?).

I mentioned moving to Argentina to buy an alpaca farm to my 8-year-old son (our plans expand quickly).

He, the Wild Kratts expert, said, "You could have penguins too!"

A alpaca and penguin farm where people come to learn how to spin wool, crochet beautiful pieces, AND become best friends with penguins?!

Who wouldn't go?

This is purely daydream--I don't even know if penguins and alpacas live or can live in the same regions.

The principals behind the dream, however, are what guide me in my ongoing experiments in education: immersive, active, delightful, and ongoing.

As I move beyond the classroom for a year, I'm intent on world-building for teens and adults through classes, camps, retreats, and professional development for teachers.

Classes: longsword, polearms, leatherworking, watercolor, collage

Camps: Beowulf 2021, From Poem to Play: The Battle of Maldon, a future longsword camp

PD: An Intro to Arts Integration: How to Activate and Engage Your ELA Class through the Power of the Arts

I already know Beowulf 2021 will include a (bearded) dragon; maybe an alpaca will show up in the future!

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Nicole Cormier
Nicole Cormier
Apr 06, 2021

When I lived in the Annapolis Valley in NS, one of my clients had an alpaca farm. She used to bring me the most gorgeous yarn as a tip. 💗


Effy Wild
Effy Wild
Apr 06, 2021

I share your love for alpacas. Add goats, and you could have GOAT YOGA! *lol*

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