From Poem to Play: A five-day workshop teaching your teen how to transform an Anglo-Saxon war poem into a play using close reading, theatre techniques, and spear fighting. 


The art of transforming a book or other long work into a stage production continues to be in high demand. 


This workshop for homeschoolers will help you teach your teen about Anglo-Saxon history and literature in an active, engaging way that ends with them producing a work of literature themselves!


Skills in this workshop include the following:

1. Historical research
2. Close reading of a text 
3. Understanding the differences between genres and how to cross genres effectively
4. Playwriting
5. Peer review and revision
6. Spear fighting 
7. Stage combat choreography
8. The process of creating a cross-curricular project


This will be 20 hours of literature, history, and theatre for your homeschool. 


Dates: August 9-13
Time: 10am-2pm
Cost: $225


The following will be required for this workshop:

1. A laptop or tablet and power cord for writing the script (labeled)

2. A Google Drive account for sharing and revising the scripts

3. Comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes (preferred)

4. Lunch, snacks, and water

5. Research handouts provided in the thank you email once the workshop is paid

From Poem to Play: The Battle of Maldon