September Gamer Experience


A 5-day immersive workshop for gamers (and their partners!) who want an active, real-world experience of their favorite in-game quests -- LARPing not included



Don’t just play the Game. Live it!


Immerse yourself in five days of sword fighting, leather working, archery, and more in a September Gamer Retreat in Historic Greer Station, South Carolina. 


In the mornings you’ll be able to experience the inspirations for your favorite games including the following:


  • Longsword  with Sword Master Aaron Shober of Sword Carolina

  • Chainmaille and leather armour making with your guide Amy Bright of Leathercraft and Lore

  • Archery with Velos Storm

  • Forging with John Clark of Forged in Fire

  • Pole arm fighting

  • More!

In the afternoons, you can hang out with your instructors or explore the beauty of the mountains and foothills of the Carolinas. 


These delights are varied.


  • Falconry in North Carolina 

  • Local gaming stores

  • Excellent dining experiences, many with locally-grown food

  • Horse-back riding 

  • The Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Campbell’s Covered Bridge

  • Fall’s Park in Downtown Greenville

  • Local craft beers and meads

  • And more


Because an adult vacation shouldn’t be boring.


Getting out of the house doesn’t have to mean leaving your favorite things behind while you travel to the same-old-same-old with everyone else. And while you might have any number of amusement parks at your disposal (they’re not just for the kids, amiright?), when have any of them shown you how to sword fight like Aragorn or shoot arrows like Legolas or work leather like the best of Rohan?


Want to do more than just watch others being epic? 


In addition to life-long memories, a phone full of epic pics, and a few sore muscles, you’ll leave this weekend with:


  • A knowledge of sword play

  • Your own piece of hand-crafted leather armor

  • A piece of beautiful chain maille

  • New ideas to add into your gaming

  • The courage that comes from taking on new, real-world challenges


Here’s what your week will look like:

(Tentative schedule subject to change.)


Monday: Sword Fighting

Tuesday: Leather working

Wednesday: Archery and yoga (you'll need the yoga by now!)

Thursday: Herbs and  Medieval cooking

Friday: Forging and feasting!

That's five days of immersive experiences designed to bring the most fun, rewarding, and epic in-game experiences into the real world.

(Or you could stick to sleep, eat, work, game. *shrugs*)


And to cap off your week, a Renaissance Faire and Medieval Market! (The one time costumes are totally encouraged.)


The week concludes on Saturday with the Upstate SC Renaissance Faire and Medieval Market. This event -- totally free to you! -- includes weavers, dancing from India to the Middle East to Ireland, fight demonstrations, giant turkey legs, and all of the other marvels of a Renaissance Faire. 


Bring your gamer skills to life. 


You live vicariously through your on-line characters almost every day. Come bring those skills to life in this 5-day event for gamers like you -- men and women who want new + exciting experiences in RL in addition to all the epicness you’ve already cultivated in-game.  


Quest Investment


$250 non-refundable down-payment


Paid in full by April 30: $1000

After April: $1200 by June 30


Pay in Full here or put down a deposit of $250 HERE 




  • What is included in the investment?

       The cost includes the activities from 10am-2pm along with the final              feast and light snacks.

        Hotel, airfare, meals, and explorations are not included.


  • What airport do I use?

      Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GSP)


  • What hotels are nearby?    I am working with a hotel opening up next to the venue. I will have their opening date solidified by the end of April to make sure it will be available for your use.  Other options are The James House Inn and  the Courtyard.


  • What should I bring?

      Clothes for camp activities: close-toed shoes, comfortable pants and shirt, waterbottle (and hockey gloves if you have them!)


       Clothes for exploring: Shorts for the day, sweater for the evening, and bug spray/sunscreen


       Greenville and Greer both have nice restaurants, so you have dress up options too.


       Costumes for the Ren Faire encouraged!


September Gamer Experience