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A Simple Leather Pendant

Balancing the need to create with the need to produce is difficult during festival season.

I rarely come down on the production side, so my shows aren't as successful as they could be.

Last night, while my son, niece, and nephew played at my house, I did my best to go for simple, reproducible, but fun!

I started it with good intentions, but, alas, even the most simple of pendants turned into an experiment in leather painting!

The Process

Traced the pattern

I chose the top of a small gift box as my pattern for the pendant, cased the leather with water, traced the lid, and cut out the pieces with box cutters.

Stamped and dyed the pendants

First, I used a line groover to outline the pendant. Then I chose a variety of stamps to pattern the pendants.

To add interest, I added stitching along the edges of one; the other, I patterned and tooled as a flower.

This one I I painted using blue leather paint, watered down green acrylic, gold cosplay paint, a dye pen, and dye.

After painting/dyeing, I burnished the edges and used a hole puncher to put holes at the top two edges of the pendant.

I will seal these in a few days to protect the dyes.

Added the final touches

Next I added the jump rings, chain, and clasps to finish several pendants!

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