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2 More Entry Events for a PBL Unit

Entry events for a project-based learning unit can be extravagant and interactive or something calmer and less involved. This post provides one of each!

Event 1: "Sanctuary"

For the "Battle of Maldon" scriptwriting unit, we opened with a viewing of "Sanctuary," Chapter 4 of the first season of The Mandalorian.

In the episode, villagers are raided by a barbarian force that crosses water to steal their krill. Mando and Cara Dune train the villagers and face the attackers.

In "Maldon," Vikings cross an estuary to attack the Saxon villagers who are led by a well-trained lord intent on protecting his people from ongoing Viking extortion and attacks.

While the outcomes are different, I wanted the students to see similar themes in literature 1,000 years apart.

Event 2: Duct Tape Draping Dummies

To open one of our costume design units, the seniors spent a class period making costume design dummies to use for draping.

The process works fairly well in large groups and small. It is NOT social-distance-approved.

  1. Split into groups of 2-3 with one student wearing a top t-shirt that can be cut.

  2. Wrap the student in several layers of duct tape from neck to torso, including the biceps. (Not too tightly)

  3. Cut the t-shirt/duct tape up the back and remove like a jacket.

  4. Tape the back.

  5. Stuff the dummy with newspaper, stuffing, or fabric.

  6. Write the group name on the dummy.

I created an art installation with the dummies. I was on the main floor of our school at the time, so I spent a lot of time explaining the why of the project!

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