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Around we Go!

Intermediate and Advanced Spins and Turns.


Heavily reliant on posture, we will build from the ground up, starting with where your weight centers and how our feet feel into slow and progressively faster turns. This workshop will focus on quick and extended turning including but not limited to: Traveling turns, crossover turns, paddle turns, prop style barrel rolls, kicking turns, whirling, and more.


I will cover external and internal spotting technique, arm placement, and center of gravity to help you feel stable and strong as you spin about. Get ready to spin into your next dance routine! Dance shoes highly recommended.



Beginning Finger Cymbals


The art of playing zils or sagat and dancing is extremely rewarding for any style bellydance artist. Be your own musician or jam with along with the band. This workshop is a starting point for any dancer interested in the art of finger cymbals. We will start by exploring a variety of tones and patterns, delve into some basic music theory and look at how zil patterns layer over a 4/4 rhythm. Then, we will move with the music.


I have a few pairs of finger cymbals available for loan, but if you have your own, please bring them along with a pair of baby socks or knitted zil mufflers. 


Date: Sunday, May 17

Times: Turns 1-3 Zills 3:15-5:15

Cost: $45/worshop or $80 for both

Location: 114 W. Poinsett St., Greer, SC Second Floor

Workshops with Jaidra: Advanced Turns and Finger Cymbals

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