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Will it Work for Adults?? The September Gamer Experience

"I wish I had that class when I was in high school!"

Parents tell me this often when they sign their teens up for the Beowulf Camp or when they hear the assignments for English IV.

Usually this is said with a little regret but no real expectation that they could STILL have that class or camp experience.

I understand. Who has the time to take five days off for a camp or the money to pay for child care + all the summer camps the kids are doing?

I have only personally done retreats if they were business or work-related. Mom guilt and money guilt are powerful deterrents!

Still, curiosity has been tickling the back of my mind.

Would this work for adults?

If so, how?

My business coach came up with an answer to this quandary.

An adult vacation for gamers who want to experience the imaginative worlds they play daily.

I loved the idea, but I was a little nervous: I'm not a gamer! How can I offer something like this if I'm not immersed in that world myself?

The answer to this, and most imposter syndrome, is in my super power: creating these dynamic experiences surrounding the fantastical and ancient in general.

Since that conversation, I've been parsing out HOW the retreat will run.

When my focus is entertainment and experience rather than academic, my questions run to the luxurious: how can I offer something that inspires courage through action but also give the done-for-you boutique vacation feel?

I'm still working out details with hotels and guests, but so far the plans are to bring in my sword instructor for longsword, have guest instructors in archery, healing herbs, and forging, and teach leather working myself.

The fun bonus: I'm getting to go deep into World of Warcraft and similar worlds to discover more storytelling than I knew existed!

I also plan to create an ouroboros based on the Jade Serpent.

I guess you could say things are pretty serious...

To find out more about the September Gamer Experience, visit HERE.

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