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2 Weapons and a Wish

The fun part of teaching and running literature/historical camps is all of the awesome professional development I get to pursue and really awesome weapons I have the opportunity to acquire!

I recognize and honor the dragon within-weapon lust isn't quite gold fever, but I think it's close.

These are the two main offensive purchases I've made recently along with a piece I've been eyeing for some time.

1. The Longsword

This beauty is the staple of heroic epics and source of many myths (about heroes and about sword fighting). The one I bought from Purple Heart Armoury is a practice sword: the steel isn't as strong as a tournament weapon

To me, the surprising thing about longswords is their dexterity--you don't need to smash -em bash -em. A quick, deft, but strong blow is effective.

This is my weapon of choice. I don't have the forearm strength for a single hand sword, and I haven't been able to attend many single hand/buckler classes to get the feel for that mix.

Below is a video of one of my former instructors sparring in a tournament. The fights are fast and intense!

2. The Seax

The seax was the knife of choice of the Old Norse people. In fact, the name "Saxon" comes from the word seax.

It differs from a sword (sweord) in several ways including make, having only one sharp side, and lacking a guard.

The size of the seax ranges in size and shape too.

I bought one from Kult of Athena primarily to use as a demo tool in Beowulf 2021, Brit Lit, and From Poem to Play: The Battle of Maldon camp.

This one is battle ready but isn't sharpened. That means that when I let one of the men at Sword Carolina take it to the pell, the cnif (knife!) held up.

3. Future Wishes: Daggers

Daggers are SEXY!!! Kult of Athena has too many to choose from so I haven't bought one yet, but I dream of running a cloak and dagger shop with elven sheaths and inlays.

Do you have a favorite weapon from movies or books? Let me know in the comments!

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Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon
26 Απρ 2021

Now that was awesome to watch - thanks for sharing it.

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Amy Bright
Amy Bright
26 Απρ 2021
Απάντηση σε

It's intense! And it all happens so fast.

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