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After dancing for a while, you're going to feel stuck in your dance. You know you can improve, but you don't want to monopolize class time focusing on YOU.


I understand! As a student and instructor, I have felt that block to improvement.


That feeling is nudging you toward your next step: private lessons.


My dance dramatically improves every time I have another dance teacher look at my dance, offer me feedback, and help me figure out the best way for ME to grow.


Private lessons are $65/hour, but you can get a package of three for $165 (that's $30 off).


You can take the classes online or in person at Bright Eyes Belly Dance Academy in Greer.


You and I will discuss what you want to improve, work on those adjustments during class, and develop a personalized plan to make sure you don't fall back into old patterns.


Private lessons are for everyone. You can be on your second class or your 102nd (in fact, private lessons earlier on might help you avoid bad habits).


If you're ready to take that next dance step, click on the link below to register for the lessons. Once you've registered, check your email for a link to calendly to sign up for times.



Private Belly Dance Lessons Package

$165.00 Regular Price
$97.00Sale Price
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