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Setting Intentions: The Solstice Project

The Solstice to Equinox Project is the 100 Day Project expanded to a weekly project rather than a daily practice (it can be both, of course). It begins December 21, 2021.

My project is the following: to explore Middle Eastern music more thoroughly through dance and learning the basics of the darbuka, zills, and ney (if someone has a spare oud to donate, I'll take that on too!).

For dance, I'll be working on a drum solo, dancing with zills, and a ney taksim.

For instruments, my goal is to get the very basics down; in fact, I'm working on just getting out a sound from the ney!

Dec. 21-Jan. 22: Ney/Taksim

Jan. 23-Feb. 24: Zills

Feb. 25-Mar. 20: Darbuka

Interspersed with this musical exercise, I will indulge in geometric art journaling based on Islamic art.

It's fun, it's doable, and it's in alignment with my dance classes!

Are you joining the project or doing something similar? If so, what?

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