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Ritual and Chaos: Performance Edition

All that I have and do explodes into chaos around performance time. I don't know if it's habit now or process or the natural order of things. It's what I do!

I lay out all costuming possibilities, pull out the jewelry and more hair clasps, and I change my mind on coverups at least three times.

On the other hand, I also love the ritual, performative aspect of preparation. Most of what I do is part of my normal life, but the actions take on more meaning.

  • A bath becomes purification rather than mere cleaning.

  • I take extra care with lotions and potions and hair oils.

  • Pedicures and manicures and eyebrow plucking happen together instead of being spread out as needed.

  • I sit in a robe surrounded by costume chaos and focus on nail polish and the luxury of time.

The routine helps calm me and enter a different emotional state before the energetic release of performance.

I enjoy this part of the day as much as the show.

Returning home to clean up...I may need to rethink the ceremonial anarchy!

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