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Performing Belly Dance: "Enter Sandman"

The best choreographies have come from collaborations with my belly dance students.

"Enter Sandman" is no exception.

In March 2023, one my students approached me about doing a choreography to "Enter Sandman" for her 50th birthday bash which would be bringing people from LA to NYC down to Greer.

For months, we worked on ideas, song cuttings, and rehearsals to create a 5-minute theatrical journey to the Metallica classic.

We based the feel on the German story of the Sandman who steals the eyes of bad children and feeds them to his children in their iron nest on the moon.

In our scenario, a Dreamer (Kristen) is pulled between nightmares and dreams (fear and hope). In the end, she realizes she is Mistress of both.

The choreography includes several dance concepts: canon, formations, foot patterns and travel paths, facings, and levels.

We also include an homage to the Weeping Angels from the Who-verse.

This particular version of the song comes from the annual Niad Student Showcase 2024!

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