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On Overthinking, Over-planning, and Under-doing

Thought: I'm not sure if "overthinking" is really an issue as much as "disorganized thinking with excessive plot points."


That's what the marketers say, and they're right!

I'm in love with online courses: tap, belly dance, art, branding, herbalism--you name it, I've taken a course on it.

I've tried creating my own: belly dance, Brit Lit, American Lit, Art and Poetry

They've all flopped miserably (from a financial point-of-view. Nothing is a flop truly if it's helping people).

I think the most students I've had is five, and I had various degrees of failure with lighting, sound, and teaching.

Nevertheless, I persist.

I even took Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield. I got the concepts--but I didn't make a choice.

Creating a course isn't just creating a course. It's dedicating yourself to the marketing and follow-through of the thing, and that takes a commitment to an idea I didn't have.

I want to start with simplicity; something I can accomplish and something that I'm not attached to the in-person version of (belly dance, sword fighting, leather working).

Now with the idea of D.A.Y. Maker, I have the possibility that this the thing that will be my course.

Why do I think that?

I woke up at 2 am and outlined a four-week program, wrote the slide presentation for the first week, and developed a workable calendar for three simple sections:

  1. Pre-recorded presentation (5 minutes) over preparing space, time, life playlists, and habits

  2. Weekly "Preparing for the session" ritual of collecting hip scarves, art supplies, yoga mats, and ridding the space of dog hair (I can't yoga if I see fluffs around the floor)

  3. The Dance, Art, Yoga live session

I have a specific audience in mind: Visual artists who want to move/exercise for their health but aren't inspired by what's available (I considered writers, but I'm more into the visual arts at this moment of my life).

AND...I have a passion for it. I know how my body felt when I wasn't doing anything but leather working or drawing during the Covid Coping Epoch, and I know how much better I feel now that I'm back to dance/yoga on the regular.

(I also have a passion for this in the martial arts. I am shocked by how little stretching goes on at the end of classes, but I'm not not deep enough into that world yet to do much about it).

Plus, this allows me to be around artsy types without having to teach art. Frankly, I'm not good enough to teach it, but I want to help other artists grow.

I'm sure I'll love the in-person version of this, but for the first time in my life, I'm excited to create the online version more.

(PS I did, in fact, use the word dotage.)

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Sue Blott
Sue Blott
Nov 09, 2021

Oh to be so inspired at 2 a.m. I love your enthusiasm and the ability to plan for it at that time. Go for it! And i hope you did get back to sleep!


Nov 08, 2021

You have what matters: the passion for it. It seems likes it is now naturally flowing out of you <3

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