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My Belly Dance Bucket List

From performing in San Francisco to studying with Egyptian great Tito to teaching my own classes, belly dance has offered me many opportunities.

I have a belly dance bucket list still, and I'm incredibly excited to combine that bucket list with homeschool travels and art studies.

1. Visit Egypt (and the rest of the Middle East)

This is number 1 on my bucket list--I want the feel, smells, and culture up-close-and-person. I'm not traveling abroad for at least another year, so this is on my five-year plan.

2. Teach Taksim Classes Professionally

I would LOVE to teach at some of the major conferences with a focus on ney and oud taksim (improv) but with both the instrument and dance.

3. Take the Journey Through Egypt Program

JtE focuses on culture and research and does two tours of Egypt as well.

4. Dance Professionally at a Restaurant

This is entirely unnecessary and doesn't really pay much, but I feel it's a great way to develop audience interaction, professionalism, zill skill, and consistency.

5. Dance with Fire Fans

I'm terrified of fire candles (and fire), but fans are amazing!

What's on your bucket list (belly dance or otherwise)?

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