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Leathery Time Travel

Despite our issues, I like 2020! All of the major vaccines, AND access to tanned leather!

Sometimes, it's fun to time travel a little, and art provides the vehicle!

First up, it's a vambrace designed to guard the arm. This one contains details found in the art of the Sutton Hoo hoard.

The leather is 6/7 oz from Tandy Leather. If I were making this for actual armor, the leather should be much thicker!

I'm using this as an example for my students in the upcoming Beowulf Camp as well as my British literature class and theatre classes at school.

Next up: the Medieval kidney pouch, fashion's answer to the question, "Where will we put our doodads while waiting for plague, war, and general lack of vaccines to hit?"

It's worn on a belt (much like a fanny pack/bum bag, but much cooler).

Both designs are from Dark Horse Workshop.

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