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Goal Setting for Belly Dance: Jealousy and Desire!

Choosing what you want to focus on for your belly dance goals (or any goals) becomes paralyzing when you don't know what you want.

Yesterday's blog post gave you a few tips on how to discover what you want.

Today, you're going to categorize your memorable moments into three main areas: accomplishment, craft, and community.

After that, you're going to do a little reset around the idea of jealousy. Instead of stifling it, you're going to observe it and let that twinge of envy guide you toward what you want and toward appreciation over comparison!

Check it out in the video below.

Join me on Friday to set your goals for Quarter 2! Register for this free class below and receive a link to the Facebook group and a goal setting workbook.

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Great insight. Comparatist is something we all deal with. Focus on what I'm good at and less of what others are doing. Thank you for this great video!


Tamara Gerber
Tamara Gerber

Great insights! While I don't do belly dancing, I think your advice on identifying goals and navigating feelings like jealousy is universally applicable. Thanks for sharing! Tamara

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