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First Quarter Review: The Business of Belly Dance

One of my favorite podcasts Entrepreneurs on Fire has a regular episode about the business' progress. While I'm not going to give numbers, I am going to look back at the business goals set in January and look at what I've done and where I'm going!

1. Create a Clear Belly Dance Journey

While I don't have a series of workbooks, I have been able to map out a fairly coherent plan for beginners moving into continuing classes.

I've provided a three-month calendar for everyone and haven't need to make major adjustments even with a major asthma attack that I had during the quarter.

Wins: Three month calendar

Needs Improvement: Continuing Class flow. How to add newbies into the mix while creating interest for returning students

For Quarter Two: Catalog moves and concepts for the future

2. Add More Classes and Workshops

This has happened! I'm now teaching six classes: Three on Tuesday and three Wednesday evening. I've also added a monthly Weekend Workshop to focus on advanced concepts.

Wins: Beginning and Continuing Tuesday morning classes. Props Tuesday evening. Beginning, Continuing Technique, and Continuing Choreography Wednesday evenings

Needs Improvement: Too many workshops! I'm going to cut those down to once a quarter

For Quarter Two: More intentional advertising for each class/workshop

3. Perform More Locally

The cold and rain have hampered this, but I have scheduled a local farmers' market performance in May and a performance in June for the group.

Wins: A beach side performance scheduled!

Needs Improvement: More local performances by me only, not just the troupe.

For Quarter Two: At least two performances in my town and one outside the city limits for me.

4. Build Professional Performance, Private Lessons, and Online Experiences

I had a great professional party experience and a failure at online!

Wins: I performed at a birthday party for a friend's family, and had such a great time with welcoming people.

Needs Improvement: Once again, my online experience was a bust. I had one student, and my good computer died. I had to reimburse the student. I'm waiting to try this again until I have an open, dedicated space to provide lighting and camera equipment. Online may never happen!!!!

For Quarter Two: Book at least two professional performances

5. Collaborations

No collaborations happened!

For quarter two, I will have at least one with the tea company!

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