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DIY Leather Corner Bookmark

I spent the weekend working on a project inspired by Pinterest perusals.

Grab the following supplies and make your own leather corner bookmark!


1. Scrap leather. I used 6-7 oz 2. Water and sponge 

3. Square and stylus

4. Wing divider 5. Edge beveler and slicker 6. Waxed thread and needle 7. Hole punch 8. Dye 9. Box cutters or leather scissors


  1. Wet your leather.

2. Use your square and stylus to draw a 90 angle with sides of 2".

3. Open your wing dividers to 2" and draw an arc.

4. Use leather scissors or box cutters to cut out your pieces.

5. Bevel and slick your edges

6. Use your wing dividers to draw a stitch line and punch holes.

Feel free to stamp and tool!

7. Dye your pieces then stitch them together for a classy leather bookmark!

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