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Crafting Experiences: The Upstate Renaissance Faire

Over ten thousand people visited Greer City Park on September 11 for the inaugural Upstate Renaissance Faire.

We expected three thousand.


That meant longer lines that we anticipated and some parking issues.

Otherwise, the event went far more smoothly than the police expected (it was a big group full of delightful characters).

Our planning group didn't have an attendance goal, but we did have an overarching goal: increasing the visibility and financial growth of local artists hit by the pandemic.

In that, success!

Most vendors doubled and even quadrupled their sales for a daily/weekend event!

The performers gave out business cards and had many people interested in their classes or services.

The attendees also achieved something: enjoyment. We had many regular Ren Faire goers, but a lot in our area weren't even sure what a Ren Faire is. Because of our location (the City Park) and cost (FREE), those people came and caught the Faire excitement!

Over the next week or so, I'm going to be writing about Crafting Experiences: various ways our small team used handmade wizardry to create a magical experience for thousands!

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