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Belly Dance Technique Tips: It's all in the feet!

Dance technique refers to the tools and skills needed to produce a particular style of movement.

It starts with the feet! Much of our lack of balance or coordination depends on how we distribute our weight on our feet. This week, observe your habits standing and walking.

  1. Walk with intention. Notice how and where you place your weight on your feet.

  2. Stand feet naturally apart, toes pointing forward. Again, observe where you place your weight.

  3. If you place your weight noticeably on the outside or inside of your feet, try finding a centered balance. See if you can lift your toes and wiggle them!

  4. Download the Guide Page to keep track of these tips and your progress.

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I appreciate the tips, journal pages, and videos! It helps me feel connected when I can't make it to class. Thank you!💖

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