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Belly Dance Myths: #1 "I don't have rhythm"

This week I'm looking at some common objections I hear when people want to belly dance but are afraid to try.

I've had these thoughts too (still, in fact), but I definitely believe the art form is worth overcoming self-doubt.

The first I hear is this: "I can't belly dance because...I have no rhythm!!!"

How many times have you held back from the dance floor at a party because you don't think you can dance or you don't want to look silly?

That shouldn't keep you from trying belly dance!

Here's a poorly-kept secret of mine: In ninth grade, I was removed from the cheerleading squad of a very small school due to my severe lack of coordination.

That stuck in my head until I was 25 and tried belly dance. I struggled, but I got out of my head and into the music and into the beat!

You might not be a "natural," but you can still have fun in a safe group of people focused on enjoying movement and music.

You WILL find your rhythm!

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