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Belly Dance Myths #1

Myth #1

I can't belly dance because...

I have no rhythm!!!

How many times have you held back from the dance floor at a party because you think you can't dance, or you don't want to look silly?

That shouldn't keep you from trying belly dance!

Here's a poorly-kept secret of mine: In seventh grade, I was removed from the cheerleading squad of a very small school due to my severe lack of coordination.

That stuck in my head until I was 25 and tried belly dance. I struggled, but I got out of my head and into the music and into the beat!

You might not be a "natural," but you can still have fun in a safe group of people focused on enjoying movement and music.

You will discover that mysterious connection to the pulse of your heart and the song as you immerse yourself in the dance.

Find a dance class that's right for you:

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