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Belly Dance Myth #3: Mirror, Mirror...

Belly Dance Myth #3

"I can't belly dance because...

I don't want to watch myself in a mirror!"

I get this! When you first start out, you feel so self-conscious, and a mirror can make the awkwardness worse.

Eventually, the mirror becomes your friend--a help to correct your posture, show you what needs changed, and show you what looks good.

As a beginner, however, you don't need to focus on the mirror but on your instructor.

Watch your instructor's feet, knees, posture, arms, and begin to feel what the moves look like.

When you're dancing in your home (or on stage...), you won't have a mirror, so you shouldn't rely on one. You want to see a mirror for what it is--a tool for improvement and enjoyment as you watch yourself grow!

As you become more confident, you'll start to welcome the mirror.

For now, enjoy the journey.

Bonus: the new space doesn't have mirrors! Try it out by visiting the calendar page to check out the list of classes and events.

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