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Belly Dance Myth #2: I can't dance because...

Belly Dance Myth #2:

"I can't belly dance because...

I have too little/too much belly!"

Belly dance is for all ages, all sizes, and all people.

I've seen pregnant women in their third trimester perform beautifully, lithe dancers sinuously sway to a flute, and full-figured dancers blow away audiences with their beauty, technique, and shimmies.

I've had students in leg casts take part in class, dancing with their arms.

Sometimes the fear of dancing before you lose/gain weight comes from an actual incident--someone in your life mocked you for your size and told you that you needed to find a "more suitable" dance or movement form.

Sometimes, this fear is a general fear of failure that hyper-focuses on an external aspect, particularly weight or size.

While you might want to transform your body for overall health, you can pursue a dance life as you make those changes, not after.

You'll develop self-confidence not merely through external changes but by making promises to yourself and keeping them* as you progress in your dance journey.

You don't have to perform if you take classes, you can wear what makes you comfortable, and you can know that YOUR figure is perfect for this dance and this life.

As always with a new exercise program, you want to check with your doctor to make sure it's the right fit for you.

*Ed Mylett I do NOT endorse everything he teaches, but I do like this one statement.

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