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A Matter of Record: An Overview of 2022 Goals

I'm curious about this year: it feels full of life and potential more than any other year previously.

This has nothing to do with the national climate. The US remains as rough-and-tumble rambunctious as always (even our tea parties devolve into fights, you know).

This is my first year in a very long time where I am not teaching high school by choice.

There's no dread in facing tomorrow's return to work because my work (failures and successes) is my own.

In that spirit of optimism, I proffer my 2022 goals as a matter of record. I plan to return to this post throughout the year to check-in: what I've changed, what I've kept, and what I've forgotten.

1. Faith and Family

  1. Return to church going: I lost the habit in 2020, and I do miss it. My faith is independent of church, but singing and (good) sermons knit my love for God and others more firmly.

  2. Plan more trips with just Falcon. Our family has AMAZING trips, but I want to make sure he and I have our own traditions going in case we ever move.

  3. Sail as a family--sailing is the one major thing I want to pass down to him. We WILL sail.

2. Art

  1. Finish the Great Master's drawing course

  2. Work through Anna Mason's watercolour course

  3. Illustrate "The Wasteland"

3. Music
  1. Busk four times with the harp in Greer

  2. Play the ukulele at a luau in June

  3. Continue my study of the ney, darbuka, and zills

  4. Stretch goal: the oud!!!!

4. Leather working

  1. Develop an ouroboros line

  2. Sell at three fairs including the Upstate Renaissance Faire

  3. Make a knife holder display like this one from Pinterest:

5. Other
  1. Release 20 pounds (health concerns)

  2. Dance daily-ish

  3. Finish the 200 YTT (yoga teacher training)

  4. Start dating again

  5. Grow my business income by 50%

  6. Grow a purple garden

  7. Learn Old Norse

  8. Join the Coast Guard Auxiliary

This is a fairly self-indulgent post, but I'm unconcerned by this. I'll be even MORE self-indulgent tomorrow by talking about business goals.

In the spirit of reciprocity, I ask that you share your goals/hopes/wishes for 2022!

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