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Costuming in the Classroom: Anglo-Saxon Inspired Art

This is part of a series showing how I'm integrating art into my English IV class at NEXT High School. Constructive ideas are always welcome in the comments!

Anglo-Saxon inspired pin

My goal for English IV this semester is to have an ongoing mini-project as a bell-ringer. Each day, the peers will begin with a 10 minute bit of work to get them in the door, awake, and in the academic/art mindset.

Our first week we created mannequins for costuming.

Next, we will begin making Anglo-Saxon inspired cloak pins. The tutorial for that will be posted Wednesday!

This is more of a tutorial for the (ideal) flow of the project.

Prep work:

1. Make the polymer clay disks

2. Print out copies of Anglo-Saxon design work for each table

3. Make sure pencils and paper are available

4. Set up rolling carts to keep tiles and clay work on during the day

5. Make small sets of Swellegant bronze and patinas

6. A short presentation over Anglo-Saxon design

Daily Outlook

Day 1: Peers design their cloak pins on a piece of paper drawing inspiration from Celtic, Old Norse, and Anglo-Saxon illustrations

Day 2-4: Peers layout their designs on the polymer clay disks. Once finished, I'll take them home to bake. This took me some time, so they may take longer.

Day 5-6: Peers use Swellegant to pantina their pieces

Day 7: Peers finish up and glue pins onto the pieces.

Once we create these, we will look at cloaks of the time period and drape those on our mannequins to be fastened by our pins (which is NOT period at all).

I expect this will actually go longer than I expect, but I hope it's a helpful look at Anglo-Saxon art work!

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