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The Catalyst

Combine 1 sociopath + 1 failed marriage + zero in the bank and what do you get?

Either total shutdown or a catalyst for change!

I chose change (with the not infrequent crying jag).

You see, I've always been a person who told my inability to do business story with pride: I was the girl who couldn't sell M&Ms to earn a trip to Disney. I was the one who had to get her parents to buy all the wrapping paper. I KNEW I couldn't run a business and had no desire to try.

Then for over a year I watched the man I had married create a (non-existent) business and SELL it: to me, to family, to potential investors.

And that business?

A front for outright theft.

Five months after my son was born, we discovered everything. And that the "everything" was a lie.

I was furious, hurt, despairing.

I was also angry beyond belief that I had downplayed my own abilities; that I had played small when Evil was playing big and playing for keeps.

I decided that if that man could "earn" a living through lies, I could earn more than a living--a life--through integrity and hard work.

Despite my fears, despite quite frequently believing my old business stories, I set out to build a business that could sustain my little family, allow my creativity to flourish, and show that goodness can succeed in this world.

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