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Homeschool Opportunities

for groups, co-ops, associations, and more!


Warrior Workshop

Introduce your pre-teens or teens to Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) in a 1.5 hour long workshop focused on single-hand swords.

HEMA is an amazing engagement tool for history and literature classes as well as a creative way to get in shape. 

Classes ages:  9-11 or 12+

Cost: $35/student (minimum of 8 max of 16)

Held at The Spinning Jenny in Greer 

(Traveling option: A minimum of 10 students + $10/hr travel time outside a 50 mile radius of The Spinning Jenny + lodging if needed.)

Email me at

Leather Working

Bring your Scout Troop, youth group, class, or birthday party to The Spinning Jenny in Greer to learn how to create practical, beautiful leather pieces!

From sheaths to armguards to jewelry, you can design the class your way!

Costs range from $35-125 /person depending on the amount of leather and time involved.

Minimum: 4 students

Maximum: 10

Ages 9 and up

I will drive to locations outside of the Upstate.

Cost + 10/hr drive time

minimum of four students

Email me at

Teaching Artist and Curriculum Coaching

Bring literature to life through theatre, art, and HEMA!



1. Teaching artist: I will come to your co-op or group and lead a class we co-develop.

2. Curriculum Coaching: We will work together to create lesson plans for your co-op that incorporate movement, art, and core content. 

3. Speaking Engagements: I will speak to your association or convention on arts integration, project-based learning, and using the fine arts and martial arts to create engagement.

Email me at

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