Learn how to fight like the warriors from your favorite adventures!


Understanding the basics of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) can enliven your study of literature and history. 


Try a three week introductory class at The Spinning Jenny in Greer!


The class runs Wednesday, November 3-17,  3-4 pm.


If you decide to stay, ages 9-12 will continue with the 3-4 class in January, and ages 13+ will move to a 4:15-5:15 class on Wednesdays in January. 



Hockey gloves and helmets of some sort are welcome.


Students should wear close-toed shoes and loose fitting clothing to move freely and stretch. 


Please do not bring your own swords to this class unless I have pre-approved them (polypropylene training swords only). 



Intro to Historical European Martial Arts