Carve out a beautiful time to encourage your creativity through movement! 

In this in-person class, I'll guide you through fun belly dance moves that will encourage you to love movement!


Cost: $60 for six weeks ( January 12-February 16)



6-7pm EST

Location: The Spinning Jenny



Masks are not required but are not discouraged. 


Please do not come to class if you are feeling sick or have been exposed to the flu, Covid-19, or any other infectious disease. If you have allergy coughs or sniffles, please stay home as well. I will send a review of each class to the email you use to pay for the class.


In case of an upsurge (or in case I get sick!), we will move the class to Zoom. I have purchased equipment to make the transition a little better than the normal Zoom experience!


Beginning Belly Dance Class: Jan. 12-Feb. 16