Learn how to brain tan deer hides from start to smoking!


The workshop is very labor intensive and smelly!


Day 1 Graining the hide (10 am start. This will take hours)
Day 2: Braining and wringing the hide (10 am start)
Day 3: Drying and softening the hide (9am-1ish)
Day 4: (Sunday afternoon from 1:00-3ish) Smoking the hide


The workshop will be held in Greer.


Week 1:  November 18-21

Week 2: December 2-5


Cost: $300 (next year the price will go up $100)


Maximum students: 6 each week 


Workshop will be rescheduled for severe weather only.


Masks not required but highly recommended due to smells.


Please bring rubber gloves and a plastic apron/bag and work boots or muck boots. 

Hide Tanning Classes (Teen and Adult)