A creative, challenging deep dive into British literature for active scholars!


In this four-month class, your teen (14+) will read and experience the classics.


The first semester encompasses the Anglo-Saxon era through the Renaissance.

The second semester touches on the Late Renaissance through the early 20th century.


The class includes the following:

1. A reading timeline, guided notes, and instructional videos

2. Weekly office hours on Friday from 9-11 am. 

3. Two meetings a month (Mondays, 4:15) for interaction and discussion)

4. Possible field trips (depending on openings)


In this class, your teen will learn the following:

1. How to read and understand older literature

2. Historical and literary context of the literature

3. The basics of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) relevant to the time period

4. Leatherworking

5. Arts of the time periods

6. How to use theatre to bring literature to life

7. Creative and analytical writing and peer review


The class will start Monday, August 31 with a meeting at the Spinning Jenny in Greer, SC. Classes will be held on the following dates:


Monday, August 31

Monday, September 21

Monday, October 5

Monday, October 26

Monday, November 9

Monday, November 30

Monday, December 7


The cost is $225 per semester and covers cost of materials and rent. 

Experiential Brit Lit