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Hello, Beautiful: A Charity Arts Event

One of the greatest tributes to a life is to hold a memorial centered on that person's genuine kindness.

This was the focus of "Hello, Beautiful: A Charity Arts Event"--the kindness of Allison Ratteree and her love of the arts.

The proceeds for the event went to a local women's shelter and also provided for community belly dance classes.

Jaidra, the event organizer, created an immersive experience that include the following:

1. A silent art auction with items ranging from a leather purse (mine!) to dance classes to 25 yard skirts

2. An art make-and-take

3. Local visual artists creating art

4. Sonem, a Middle Eastern music band (with free-style dancing)

5. A Greek food truck

6. Dance performances

7. Fire dancing and fire breathing

Due to Covid, I had five of my 11 dancers missing, but the six of us performed with all of our energy!

"Cairo Balady": This song handed us our first scare. The open dance playlist included a version of the song distinctly different from ours, and we went on concerned that the right song would play. It did, and we rocked the piece!

"Fight Song": The skirt dance, as we called it, was the focus of our evening because it was choreographed as a dedication by one of Allison's best friends. We presented it with power and end in a group hug in tears. I spent the rest of the evening mildly catatonic.

As usual, I spent Sunday recovering my body and my life's purpose from the exertion of a performance. Now I'm preparing for upcoming beginning, veil, and continuing classes starting this week and online/morning classes in February!

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