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Ready 2 Dance

Become the Dancer You Secretly Envy

Go from awkward and uncertain to 

graceful and confident in this five-day online

challenge that gets you ready to dance!

Led by belly dance instructor Amy Bright, the 

Ready 2 Dance Challenge runs July 31-Aug. 4 

in her online belly dance group. 

Register today to join the challenge, access the group,

and get a workbook the week of the challenge.

All classes are recorded during the Live, so you don't have to show up live!

Day 1: Rhythm

Music therapist Alison Hughey takes you through the process of figuring out the rhythm of a song and putting it into your body


Day 2: Posture 

Discover your ideal posture and how core strength keeps you standing tall!


Day 3: Grace

Learn to embody grace while walking, gesturing, standing.


Day 4: Space

Begin to take up space with intention and purpose.


Day 5: Dance

Put it all together! Day 5, we'll put rhythm and movement together and dance!

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Join the Challenge

You're in! Check your email.

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