My idea to hold a Tailgate Jewelry Showcase (Show-gate) complete with grilling and bbq and team color jewelry on sale in the back of pickup trucks did not take hold of the hearts and minds of my class. Partly because none of like football; partly because football doesn’t happen in March when the showcase happens. However, this sounds like a fun jewelry showcase, and I ask that someone else who cares about football to please hold it so that I can come.

We did decide that we are aiming for a lovely outdoors affair in the spring in Greer, so you all keep an eye out for our production!


Thus far in our Homeschool Jewelry Making Session we have explored the following:

  1. Chain mail
  2. Wire wrapping
  3. Wire weaving
  4. Metal shaping: designing, cutting, forming, doming, texturing, etc.

Next week will continue our foray into the world of weaving followed by several weeks of creating a showpiece that puts together multiple techniques. Students will also be coming up with theme for their March showcase.

I won’t be offering this session again until fall; however, you do have the option of multiple summer camps and workshops which incorporate metal work, art, and literature.

See you #hereingreer!