Welcome to the mobius weave! Simple, lovely, and versatile, you can discover the basics below. 

I’m using 18 gauge 5/16″ ID bright aluminum from C & T Designs. The copper bracelet was made from 18 gauge 3/16″ ID copper jump rings from C & T Designs.

Step one: Open the jump rings by grasping the rings and twisting slightly toward and away from you (don’t try to pull them apart).

Step two: Open 10 jump rings

Step three: Close 5 jump rings by twisting the rings into a close position (do not push them together). You will now have a total of 15 jump rings (10 open; 5 closed)


Step four: Put a closed jump ring on an open jump ring. Close the open jump ring


Step five: Gently push the jump rings so that they overlap each other. This created the mobius unit

Step six: Repeat this process to make four more mobius units.

Step seven: Put a two mobius units on a single open jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Step eight: Continue adding mobius units until you have used up your units.

Step nine: Repeat the entire process until you have a bracelet or necklace. Add a clasp of your choice and wear with pride!